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Shop all authentic and original teas from India at Wholesaler Prices - Darjeeling leaf and dust, Assam leaf and dust, Black tea, green tea, chamomile tea, butterfly blue pea, red rose, blue cornflower, hibiscus and more


Butterfly Pea Blue Tea |
Blue Cornflower Tea
Blue Cornflower Tea
From €16,79
Kashmiri Kahwa Tea | TheWholesalerCo
Kashmiri Kahwa Tea
From €14,39
Hibiscus Tea | TheWholesalerCo
Hibiscus Tea
From €10,79
Green Tea 100% Leaf | TheWholesalerCo
Darjeeling Tea Original 100% Leaf | TheWholesalerCo
Darjeeling Tea Dust | TheWholesalerCo
Darjeeling Tea Dust
From €13,19
Darjeeling Tea CTC | TheWholesalerCo
Darjeeling Tea CTC
From €11,99
Chamomile Tea |
Chamomile Tea
From €11,99
Black Tea 100% Leaf |
Assam Tea Original 100% Leaf |
Assam Tea Dust
Assam Tea Dust
From €8,39
Assam Tea CTC | TheWholesalerCo
Assam Tea CTC
From €5,99