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Albizia lebbeck

Known as : Siras

Shop Albizia lebbeck as Whole, Powder, Spices, Herbs, Seeds, Dried, Essential oil, Extracts, Stems, Barks, Leaves, Dehydrated, Roots, Flowers, Fruits, Ayurveda and other forms at wholesale prices at TheWholesalerCo

Exporting premium quality Siras - spice and herbs products to US, Europe, UK, China, Canada, Australia, Middle East, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, UAE, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Israel, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia and Malaysia.

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Beej Siras Lal - Beej Saras Lal - Red Siras Seeds - Albizia lebbeck | 1Kg, 5Kg Wholesale price |
Beej Siras Kala - Beej Saras Kala - Kala Siras Seeds - Albizia lebbeck | 1Kg, 5Kg Wholesale price |
Shirish Chaal - Shirisha Bark - Albizia lebbeck | TheWholesalerCo